Gizmo Welcomes YOU!

Gizmo is a fun-loving Norfolk Terrier who loves surfing. He teaches kids to use their imaginations to navigate the big, challenging waves in their lives while developing a calm inner courage.

Gizmo knows surfing is all about staying balanced, making it all look easy as he breezes through some challenging surf with his family and friends right by his side!

Join fun-loving surfing dog Gizmo as he glides through the colossal waves on his adventures by being mindful, calm and powerful.

Experienced children’s book author Suzanne Kline has teamed up with award-winning illustrator Jim Hunt bringing Gizmo and his friends to life on each page in a colorful and fun way.

In the first book, Surf’s Up, Gizmo!, every reader can understand Gizmo’s fear of new experiences and places.

Gizmo makes it all look easy as he breezes through some challenging surf, discovering that true friends often show up in unlikely places!

What happens when another surfer decides winning is more important than playing fair?

Gizmo proves surfing is all about kindness and staying calm in the face of a challenge. Join Gizmo in his newest surfing adventure, Beep, Beep, Gizmo!, he learns empathy and friendship making him a winner no matter what!

Tide Rider Beach will sure to be full of surprises for Gizmo and his pals as they learn how to deal with poor sportsmanship and colossal waves!